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Dover's Cabinet of Curiosities

Givenchy designed costumes for Audrey Hepburn in 6 films. & - a great fit!

Mother Goose For Grown-Ups?  You’d expect this to be pretty racy, but the material from its publication by Harper & Brothers in 1900 is fairly chaste.  However some of the titles of the rhymes are wild, our favorite being “The Discouraging Discovery of Little Jack Horner.”

This book also boasts some fun illustration by Peter Newell, author of The Hole Book, The Rocket Book and Topsys and Turveys.

Not only is September Classical Music Month it’s also National Piano Month! Here are three great ways to get your little ones to catch the piano bug early, to hopefully help them develop a lifelong love of music.

Queen Of The Damned paper doll

From Dover’s Vampire Paper Dolls

(Source: aaliyahqueenofurbanpop, via onlypaperdolls)

Edward Gorey didn’t always aim to give people the heebie jeebies.  Maybe that was the goal 95% of the time, but the other 5% he just wanted to make cute and cuddly children’s book illustrations, right?

We’ve previously noted Gorey’s fascination with the macabre, but these images are from a rare, self-published Gorey paper doll book called E.D. Ward - A Mercurial Bear.  He provided several costumes for the bear including fur coats and the obvious executioner outfit.

The book was published in 1983 by Gorey’s own Dogear Wryde Paper Pastime, Dogear Wryde being an anagram of his own name.

And I think to myself…what a wonderful world…NOT!


Illustration from The Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli, 1988.

A complete collection, including the unfinished ending, has just been announced by Dover Books.

Both @taylorswift13 and @lordemusic love our paper dolls! …

As a little girl I remember lacing up grandma in her corset. She was still wearing one in the 1990s. I thought she was crazy but I kept that to myself!