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Dover's Cabinet of Curiosities

“He walked here, and he walked there, fancying himself so very great!” Trouble in paradise Mr. Darcy?

Can you decode da Vinci? On this day in 1911, Leonardo da Vinci’s famed painting the Mona Lisa was stolen by a Louvre employee.The painting was recoved - but did we get the real one back? 

See if you can spot the differences in the two images above.  More art mysteries are ready for you to solve with Dover’s Spot the Difference: Art Masterpiece mystery series.

In his all too short life (25 yrs.), Aubrey Beardsley revolutionized the art world with his startling black and white illustrations, greatly contributing to the development of Art Nouveau and Poster Art styles. Happy 142nd Birthday tomorrow!

It’s time to cook up a classic cover!  Nothing quite says 1983 like wood paneling, white turtlenecks and allowing your kids access to the cutlery.  Here we see 3 very different treatments for Evelyne Johnson and Christopher Santoro’s A First Cookbook for Children.  This title was first published by Dover in 1983 and is boiling over with fun recipes and great illustration by Santoro.  It remains in print today with a more up-to-date look (as well as some parachuting pickles.)

Grab a copy here: 

On this day in 1667, John Milton’s Paradise Lost was entered into the Stationers’ Register. 

Milton was blind during the time it took him to write Paradise Lost, and he was known to compose at night, then present his words to a scribe each morning. 

Dover’s John Milton books and Dore’s illustrations for Paradise Lost (one of which, from canto xxi,can be seen above) can be found here

That little black dress has saved my life! Thank you and Happy Birthday to the iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel.

"Luther! Good God, we’re millionaires!" Happy Birthday Robert Redford! Costumed by Edith Head for the movie The

Mae West 1933 film She Done Him Wrong “Why don’t you come up sometime and see me?” maybe for my birthday Sunday August 17th? My favorite line “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” from I’m No Angel - 1933. What’s your favorite Mae West line?

This weekend party like its 1969! A throwback Thursday of peace, love & rock’n’roll to celebrate the beginning of The Woodstock Music Festival. Feelin’ groovy already!

Edward Ardizzone, the artist for such series as Little Tim and Nurse Matilda, illustrated some beautiful full-page pieces for Ding Dong Bell.  This out-of-print title was published by Dover in 1969 and features nursery rhymes, accompanying musical arrangements by Percy Young and many playful black & white images by Ardizzone.

You can find out more about Ardizzone here.